Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Updating Previous Post...

According to comments on Mojave Skies, the SS2 pics are 6 months old! Better late than never. Hey, at my age, I'm a little slow.

I do have Virgin Galactic in my bookmarks, so I guess I need to pay closer attention to their site.

The Beautiful Wife got her day off of work so we can go to Oshkosh (AirVenture) at the end of the month. Of course, that depends on how I'm feeling.

Been walking almost every day to see if I can make it walking around OSH. Actually thought of getting one of those motorized rider-thingys...when I mention to the BW, she said, "..funny, I was thinking if you should get one." Of course, that would be admitting that I'm not the man I was, but then, just getting up and down the stairs at home is sometimes difficult. We'll see. GOD, I hate getting old.

A hui hou...

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