Sunday, July 6, 2008

SpaceShip2 Photos

An aviation blog that I found a few weeks ago has posted photos of SpaceShip 2 being built. Virgin Galactic released the photos. Check out Mojave skies at Mojave Skies. The last photo shows aviation legend, Burt Rutan, sitting in the under-construction fuselage. Boy is it big! Wish I had da money to buy a ticket!

PS. If you're really interested in the Mojave Airport (Spaceport), this photo blog is updated daily, I think, and has really great aviation information about the goings on at Mojave. One SAD entry was about the old DC-9-50s from Hawaiian Airlines (I probably flew on more than one of them, back in the day) and their trip to the scrapman.

Check it out! A great site on the internet.

A hui hou...

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Alan Radecki said...

Mahalo for the mention! These pics, amazingly, have been out on the VG site for a while, and no one seems to have noticed. I found out about it from a UK blog that a friend runs, of all places.