Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Been a Long, Long Time...

So, as I was saying in...when was that?

I'm working again. Got a job as a consultant for a company that has a government contract. Doing the usual stuff, IT documentation. At least it's income...right? And in this economy, having a job is a good thing.

I've become a fan of the show "Castle", starring Firefly's Nathan Fillion and the wonderful Susan Sullivan. Literate, witty and funny, it's a joy to watch, considering what else is on.

Come on, what other tv show would reference Anais Nin, or David Mamet or graphic novels? A good cast and interesting episodes. Watch it, it's good.

OMG, as the kids say. For my birthday, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed made reservations at Roy's Restaurant. Roy Yamaguchi's restaurants are Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, or da stuff that I used to eat as a kid.

We started with a poke...that's cubed tuna with sesame oil, shoyu and peppers. The poke at Roys' was the best I can remember eating. The fish was outstanding, melt in your mouth Ahi tuna. Just spicy enough. Accompanied by sliced avocado and homemade won ton chips, it was delicious. I could have eaten it myself, but did share with you know who.

For an entree, I had the Roy's Classic Trio: Hibachi Grilled Salmon, Roy’s Original Blackened Island Ahi & Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish. OMG, OMG...the BEST fish I can remember having. Wow.

I don't like salmon, normally, but this was the best. Grilled then drizzled with a Ponzu sauce and picked cucumbers...oh my. The Ahi was just fabulous...and the Misoyaki Butterfish was rich and it really did melt in your mouth. AND, it was served with a scoop of steamed white rice...just like we used to have when I was a and rice. But this fish was unbelievable.

For dessert, I had the pineapple upside down, not like the traditional one, this was an individual cake...oh so goood.

GO TO ROY's. It's really good. Yup, we're going back, and very soon.

Read most of Jim Butcher's "Dresden" books. It was made into a tv show that you can see online through "HULU". But after reading the books, the show is really bad. I prefer the characters as described in the book and not how they're portrayed in the show. Disappointing. Read the books; forget the show. It was only on for a season, IIRC.

We were in our local Borders and I saw a book supposedly written by Richard Castle. Yup, the character from the tv series I described above. So I bought it. It's a fiction-fiction, supposedly written by the tv character. Really good, too. If you're a fan of the show, you gotta get the book. And read the book notes. Hilarious.

Rain, cold, leaves falling. Fall is finally here in the upper MidWest. It also means our Family Room flooded again. I have to do something with the rug, as it got all wet.

Watch "Castle", go to Roy's and read a good book.

A hui hou...