Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dis 'n Dat

After a few days of severe thunderstorms, the weather calmed down today. It's one of those days you do NOT tell anyone about. You know, da midwest is "hot...humid...sticky" during the summer. Weather stinks, yah? But today is one of those days we think about in the dead of know, don'tcha mid-western-ites...when the wind is howling at 30mph and the wind chill temp is...well, so low it doesn't matter...when you step outside, it's not cold...but your skin starts burning. Yeah, on days like that we remember days like today.

SOOOOOOO different from the land of my birth...Hawaii. MUST. GO. BACK. SOON!!! Well, with the cost of airline tickets going up with the price of fuel, I have a LOT of saving to do.

Like I said a while ago...anybody need an experienced writer/editor with 20 years tech writing in Information Technology/software development? Please...anyone, anyone...Bueller...Bueller???


Am reading "1421: The Year China Discovered America" by Gavin Menzies Really intriguing...theory of a retired British naval officer (submarines) who uses the first world maps to show that the great Chinese treasure fleets of the 15th century could have circled the world and made landfall in South America, discovered the Straits of Magellan waaaay before Magellan, visited and mapped Australia, Antarctica and other places along the way. A very good, detailed read, not to be "skimmed." He lays out his theory and proofs and is very convincing. There is a website with more and updated information. Very good Summer read.

PS: He also has another book "1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance." Wow...gotta read THAT one, too.


Made a KalBi (Korean short ribs) recipe on Friday on the Weber. OMG!!! A great recipe and a keeper. I'll post it soon. Must give props to the website where I found it. Now I just have to look it up. Wait...wait...OK, here it is: the recipe is from the blog, "The House of Annie." Go HERE. It's the recipe, "Killer Kalbi Recipe" from Wednesday, July 09, 2008.

GO TRY IT, especially if you're an ex-pat from Hawaii and miss da kine plate lunch. I made my mac salad to go with it and it reminded me so much of home. I guess I'm a little homesick right now. Auwe...gotta save for da trip.

OK, enough said. I gotta go and give myself my first of two pre-dinner injections...diabetic, you know. But ooooh, leftover kalbi for dinner...AND leftover mac salad. Ono kine ginds, as we used to say.

A hui hou...

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