Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mid-January Blues

Well, the temperature today was positively balmy: 25 degrees!!! No, seriously. It was -31 (yes, that is minus) degrees yesterday. Damn you AlGore.

Our mayor rang our doorbell this afternoon. He lives just around the corner from us. He's running again for village mayor and was collecting signatures on his nomination papers. He's a really nice guy and has a tough job in these tough times.

He said they were just "hunkered down" and trying to stretch every one of the village's dollars to cover public services until things got better. A thankless job.

Icicles hang from our front gutters, and the snow in the yard is pretty deep. Our mayor said we had gotten 40 inches of snow this season. It started before Thanksgiving and hasn't stopped yet.

Well, Hope 'n Change gets his coronation on Tuesday. Imperial Presidency for real. Let's see how he does. Of course, EVERYTHING will be OK once he's in office. Yeah, right.

BTW, if you want to read an article about the forgotten person in this election, that would be Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, follow this link to the University of Hawaii's online magazine, Malamalama. Paula Bender is the author of "Legacy of the President's Mother". Go read.

NFC and AFC Championship games tomorrow. Anyone care?

A hui hou...