Friday, November 30, 2007

Blog Supervisor

His name is "M" for the mark on his forehead.

He thinks it's his computer, of course. He supervises all activity in the house.

He's not happy right now as he really, really wants to be sitting on my lap.

Snow and freezing rain expected tomorrow. I think I'll make a pot of chili to ward off the cold. An old recipe given to me by a co-worker decades ago when we lived in Northern California...the East Bay to be exact.
A hui hou...
(wonder what the temperature is like in Honolulu?? Ah well...)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Everybody Has One...

Blogs, I mean (what were YOU thinking...naughty). So I thought I'd try it out myself.

Now, from the title of my blog, you should, kinda, be able to figure out how old...I mean, OLD... I am. Nah, forget that.

Just realize, children of the technological age, that I grew up...are you ready for this...BEFORE there were: personal computers, cell phones, color (!!!) television (my family had one of the first tv sets in our town), satellites...oh, I could go on. But that would be so wrong...and boring.

SO much to blog about. Where should I start? Hmmm...

I hope to write about the things I find interesting. Hope some (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...) of you find this stuff interesting.

SO let's start this "conversation" shall we?

My interests are: food, cooking, chefs, restaurants...see a pattern? Also current events, or just what's happening now. Some sports...I'm a big motorsports fan (although I think Formula 1 started out interesting this year, then got conspiracy theory later) among others. I read all the time, mainly books (but also blogs).

Well, that's enough of an intro. I'll post more later today and see what happens.

A hui hou...
(OK, that's the way I sign all my emails. It's Hawaiian and means, roughly, "Until next time". )

Gotta go read my food blogs...did I say I'm writing a cookbook?