Monday, October 13, 2008

Another year older and DEEPER in debt...

So, yesterday was my NN-th you don't get to know what the number is, as it scares me to know that I'm THAT old.

Went to dim sum yesterday for my birthday lunch. Mmmmm, so good, but I are waaaaay toooo much. Char siu bao, pot stickers, sticky rice in lotus leaf, char siu noodle, siu mai and many others.

We brought home some leftovers. You know the leftover rule, right? You bring home the leftovers, put them in the fridge for three days and then throw them out.

Also talked to younger son in NYNY when he called to wish the old man (me) a happy birthday.


I really don't want this blog to turn into a political screed, but I just gotta say this: I don't like EITHER presidential candidate. WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP? I find NONE in either man. Sorry...

I MAY wind up voting for McCain simply because Obama SCARES THE HELL out of me! Now it looks like Obama will we will be living in "interesting" times...

Palin trumps Biden, but I don't think that will make a difference. McCain seems to want to be a Democrat and has campaigned like one.


Ok, I worked in the securities trading industry for only 5 years ('01-'06) but, guys, WE SAW THIS CRASH COMING FOR YEARS. If you knew anything about the mortgage industry or the stock market or the credit industry, you saw this coming.

Two rules: NEVER lend money to someone who can't pay it back; and two, the stock market can go up OR DOWN. I believe that in the short term, the stock market has the same odds/risk as does gambling in Las Vegas. Long term, people, long term...

Congress (BOTH PARTIES) created this mortgage crisis by requiring FannieMae/FreddieMac to make loans that the borrowers could not repay. Then CONGRESS is considered the solution to the crisis THAT THEY CREATED? OMG, OMG, ZOMG...

My older son is trying to convince me that we need 30 acres and a cow. Well, I don't believe it's that bad, but the creeping socialism that has been pushed by our politicians for YEARS (yup, this didn't happen overnight, no matter what the MSMedia says) has come to maturity. This economy will NEVER be the same. Get used to it. Those that can adapt will survive.

Another solution, which I find really appealing is "Going John Galt." Go read Dr. Helen's blog from yesterday AND go read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

So the world is not ending, not yet. I'm amused at how people are now "living within their means" as if this was something they JUST discovered. Wow. Just keep breathing and things will be OK...if you can roll with the punches and adapt.


Bears suck...enough said


Help...will write for money... The job search continues, but at my age (see birthday above) it's difficult. Also it's the economy, stoopid. Hmmmm...going "John Galt" seems really attractive.

So, don't despair, just roll with the punches and try to adapt. Remember, like Annie says, "The sun'll come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar..." Ooops, I guess we all bet our bottom dollars...

A hui hou...

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