Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Wanderings...

Hurricane Ike

Galveston is decimated...Houston has (a) problem...well, more than one. We got flooded here in Illinois.

Hurricanes that come ashore in the Gulf usually follow the Mississippi then the Ohio River Valley then the Great Lakes. We feel the effects in heavy rain and flooding.

Woke up on Saturday to a wet family room. Towels and ShopVac took care of the water. Lost some magazines and books and the area rug. Minor, compared to the awful damage in Texas.

Hey, where are the major news networks? No "Blame Bush" opportunity this time so I guess they're not interested. Just wondering.

If you read this blog...and who something to help out. Although, this time, with Federal, State and Local cooperation, it seems that help is on the way. But make a contribution if you can.

Other Stuff

Cubs now have a nine-game lead. Hmmmm...could they actually make the post-season?

Bears...oh God, not today...they're still da Bears.

Nah, I got nothing more...

A hui hou...

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