Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank You, Al Gore

Well, my last post was about the cold, cold temps we were suffering through. NOT ANY MORE!!!

The current temperature is 56 DEGREES!!! YUP, in the last 24 hours, a warm front moved up from the south and we're being dumped on by rain from thunderstorms. Most of the local area around our neighborhood is flooded.

There's a big retention pond at the end of our side street and it's up to the top and overflowing. The houses across the street were flooded this morning and the Clarendon Hills Fire Department was there pumping out the water.

I tried to get to our favorite bakery this morning for fresh donuts, but couldn't get down the major streets as the intersections were in 2-3 feet of water. I was following a Ford Explorer and got through one "pond" but when the water went over his BUMPERS, I made a u-turn and took a different route.

Our family room flooded, AGAIN. Of course, as we had just put in two new area rugs. Still, my brother rolled them up before they got soaked. It's drying out now. Thanks, G.

The Chicago area may set all time HIGH temperature records for today. Some places downstate are in the 70s already!

SO, after all my criticism of him, I do want to thank AlGore and his Global Warming for this tropical respite in the middle of our winter. THANKS, AL.

Now to go and buy some carbon offsets...

Hey, Bears pulled out that Packers game. Too bad. Now they still think they're going to make the playoffs...yeah, right.

Oh, and condolences to our Hawaii Warriors football team and the loss to NotreDame. Charlie Weiss and Jimmy Clausen should send UH champagne and roses for saving BOTH of their jobs. Still, I think the Irish over-achieved at 6-6. They're really NOT that good.

Now with a year with a new coach, coaching staff and players, UH should be set up for next year. Maybe back to the WAC Championship. GO WARRIORS!

Make sure you go read Steven Tsai's Blog at the Advertiser online. It's da bestest...

Dat's all folks! Gotta go dry stuff off...

A hui hou...

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