Saturday, August 30, 2008

OK, take a deeeeep breath...(Updated)

Florida 56, University of Hawaii 10. Enough said.

Well, hope da Warriors do not get too down. Hey, many people pick Florida to get to Number 1 this year. And how many other WAC schools have played Georgia and Florida back-to-back? And, last year, really, Georgia should have played USC for the National, really. Ohio State and LSU? OH, PLUUUU-EEESE! BCS = Big Crappy Selection.


Barbecue chicken tonight. Original recipe. Soak in soy, mirin, sherry and a dash of rice wine vinegar. Then grill and then make glaze with guava preserves. MMmmmmmm. Sounds ono...hope it turns out OK. Yes, serve with rice.

OK, laters...I got to get back to FOOTBALL... You know what sucks, we're not getting the USC-Virginia game. WHAT? Supposed to be on ESPN2, but there's just a scoreboard show going on. We get Oklahoma State vs Washington, WHO CARES?

A hui hou...


Looks like another former Hawai'i player is gone from the NFL, at least temporarily. Leonard Peters was cut from the Bears last night.

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