Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are You Ready...

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Football begins tonight! College football starts, finally! A short (12 weeks) season, but oh so sweet. I think I like the college game better than the pros...more emotion, more upsets, more unexpected...can you say Appalachian State...I bet Michigan remembers them...ha, ha, ha.

AND, unless the local CBS station panders to the locals, we'll get to see the Redskins (Go Colt!) against the Jacksonvillilans. I bet they preempt the game for Obama's coronation speech at the "temple of the new god" tonight.

Did you see that thing at Invesco Field where he's supposed to "accept" the nomination. How imperial, now messianic, how so totally arrogant and condescending. That's our Barry!!!

Of course, your Chicago Bears end the preseason futility against the Cleveland Brownies. Hope no one gets hurt. Man, 5-11 will be a good season this year. I tell ya, da Bears will NEVER win the Sooper Bowl until they BRING BACK THE CHEERLEADERS. I KNEW they would lose the SB a few years back because of this obvious oversight. The Football Gods (bow head) DEMAND cheerbabes for all successful teams. Where have you gone Honey Bears.

You know that story, right? That the old prude Virginia McCaskey disbanded the cheer squad (The Honey Bears) because she wanted "...a more family-oriented atmosphere" at Soldier Field. Hoo boy, that old broad was never in the end zones, so I hear. Those were definitely NOT "family friendly" places. Yeah, I guess drinking beer and swearing at the top of your lungs at the opponents is "family friendly." Go figure.

And, finally, Saturday, the University of Hawaii plays Florida in da Swamp. What will happen, will happen, but I hope UH plays well and knocks Tim Tebow down a few times. If they do manage the upset, how sweet it will be.

UH gets no respect from the East Coast sportswriters, especially the idiots on ESPN. But then, few Western teams do get any respect from them. I guess they can't stay up late to see the western games, poor babies.

Have been posting on the UH football "lifeboat" blog. Great place, nice people. Go read it. Just click on the link in the previous sentence, silly.

OK, now lunch, movie (Netflix on my laptop) and then job hunting.

A hui hou...

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