Saturday, May 3, 2008

WHAT! It's MAY already!!!!!!

It's just that kind of day (Wink in a typical pose).

Enough exclamation points already...

OK, I've really got nothing to blog about... How about politics? OH PULEEEZE, NO. Religion? Nah. Ok, I got nothing.


Well, there's always food to talk about. If you like food, go to Tastespotting. A web page full of photos of food. WOW.

Click on a picture and you go to the website.

Today, I clicked on a photo of Chinese Roast Chicken and Coriander Rice and went to a wonderful site: Soy and Pepper. Great recipes from a home cook originally from Singapore now living in the UK. Am going to try the recipe tonight.

Tastespotting has really filled up my Food Blog favorite bookmarks. GO TO IT.


Still working on Ruhlman's Making of a Chef and The Numbers Behind Numbers. Bleech...not in the mood to read.


Strong storms around here yesterday. It actually snowed in Schaumberg this past week. Thanks to AlGore the Boreacle for "Global Warming." Yeah. Right.

Cubs starting their June Swoon early this year. Oh, yeah...THIS is the year (the 100th year of futility) that they were "supposed" to go the World Serious. Remember Charlie Brown and Lucy and the football...yeah, something like that.

Sports Related...Colt Brennan of the Hawaii Warriors football team, the ONLY Div1 UNDEFEATED team last year went to the Wash Redskins in the 6th round of the draft. Hope he does well and sticks it to the ESPN football pundits. Hawaii gets NO respect from them.

OH, today is SPAM JAM in Honolulu. (SIGH...) SOMEDAY I will make it there. A whole day devoted to SPAM. What more could any HiloBoy want? Well, maybe some rice and mac salad, too, nah?

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