Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post-weekend depression...

So, city-dwellers, are you now looking up at those construction cranes more often as you walk through your city? One story said that there are more than 250 (!!!) in NYNY alone. LOOK UP...it's a bird...it's a plane...nope, it's a crane...RUN, RUN LIKE THE WIND...and watch out for those taxi cabs.


OK, the F1 race was more like NASCAR. Whoo boy, those guys just couldn't get through the first lap. Patience...patience... Was THRILLED to see Lewis Hamilton drive away with it. I'm one of those few who thought he was kinda screwed out of the championship last year by Alonzo and Ferrari (conspiracy theory here)...sorry tufosi but I LOVE it when the red prancing horse stumbles.

NASCAR was boring. Jeez...just watch the last 10 laps. That's where all the action is. Jeff Burton is one of the low-key, "nice guys" in the sport. Had his whole family with him on SpeedTV's "Victory Lane" wrapup show. Nice.

AND, finally...ALMS' 12 Hours of Sebring: the timing was WEIRD. Missed the beginning AND the end! Screwy TV scheduling, I guess. But, even this race was unique as the "All-Powerful" Audi turbo-diesel's DIDN'T win! Go figure. AND, the overall winner...first across the line...was a P2 car! A supposedly lower-powered, slower car.

OK, enough carguy stuff.


OMG, I am so priviledged. I got an email response from one of my FAVORITE food bloggers, Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen. Been commenting on her blog and got a response.

Actually, it's one of the best blogs for me. I love Asian-style cooking/recipes and hers are really tasty and fairly easy to do. She also has a funny, irreverant writing style. Easy to read, informative and VERY entertaining. GO READ HER:

She also takes FABUOUS photographs, so the blog is very nicely illustrated. The food LOOKS so good that you just have to make it.

Braised chicken tonight; meatballs tomorrow night. Nothing special.


Did you see HBO's production of "John Adams?" It's a dramatization of David McCullough's book of the same name. WTF???


First, I like Paul Giamatti as an actor and admire his work. But, for me, he is just HORRIBLY miscast as a late-18th century Boston lawyer. DOES. NOT. WORK. Adams was a medium sized portly man, and so, body-wise, Giamatti fits the part. BUT, I just can't get past his looks...NY Italian, yes...NE Bostonian, NOOOOOOOOO.

Now Laura Linney as Abigail Adams. NO. READ THE BOOK. Abigail is described as "...a little over 5 feet tall, with dark hair and bright shining eyes..." Not a tall slender blonde.

I SHOULDN'T have read the book. Reality intrudes into TV drama, I guess.

Also, the first episode makes it seem that Adams was a reluctant supporter of the move to independence. Ummmm, the book shows clearly, in the first chapter, that Adams supported liberty for years before the first big dramatic incident, the Boston Massacre (1770). He was well-known for an article he wrote in support of individual rights and liberty.

Oh, well, it's only TV...except that I've heard so many media types raving over this show, and it's just not that good... READ THE BOOK!!! PLEASE....

OK, end of rant.

Spring may be here really. Although last night when I went to pick up the BW at the train station it was SNOWING. Didn't really stick, and it was more like sleet, but still...ENOUGH ALREADY.

A hui hou...

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