Thursday, November 29, 2007

Everybody Has One...

Blogs, I mean (what were YOU thinking...naughty). So I thought I'd try it out myself.

Now, from the title of my blog, you should, kinda, be able to figure out how old...I mean, OLD... I am. Nah, forget that.

Just realize, children of the technological age, that I grew up...are you ready for this...BEFORE there were: personal computers, cell phones, color (!!!) television (my family had one of the first tv sets in our town), satellites...oh, I could go on. But that would be so wrong...and boring.

SO much to blog about. Where should I start? Hmmm...

I hope to write about the things I find interesting. Hope some (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...) of you find this stuff interesting.

SO let's start this "conversation" shall we?

My interests are: food, cooking, chefs, restaurants...see a pattern? Also current events, or just what's happening now. Some sports...I'm a big motorsports fan (although I think Formula 1 started out interesting this year, then got conspiracy theory later) among others. I read all the time, mainly books (but also blogs).

Well, that's enough of an intro. I'll post more later today and see what happens.

A hui hou...
(OK, that's the way I sign all my emails. It's Hawaiian and means, roughly, "Until next time". )

Gotta go read my food blogs...did I say I'm writing a cookbook?

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